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Single job postings


EUR 110,-

plus 20 % VAT¹

  • Duration 4 weeks

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(+ 40 €)


EUR 140,-

plus 20 % VAT.

  • Duration 6 weeks
  • Cover image above the job description
  • Statistiken (Seitenaufrufe) abrufen
  • Refresh every 14 days
  • Newsletter posting
  • Ø 5x so viele Aufrufe im Vergleich zu Basic

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(+ 40 €)

Combi jobs.derstandard.at²

for new customers of EUR 230,-

for existing customers of EUR 487.50

plus 20 % VAT.

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  • All Premium services
  • Additional publication on

NEW: Only for new customers³

  • Duration of 12 weeks instead of 6 weeks
  • Includes baseline ad in articles on
  • Job-Sky:  visibility in news articles on

Fast Checkout (+ 40 €)

Fast Checkout (+ 40 €)

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Media Kit

Access live statistics from our website, social media channels and much more.

Bundle packages

5x Premium

EUR 630,

plus 20 % VAT.

Buy in advance, post a job any time. No expiration.

10x Premium

EUR 1200,-

plus 20 % VAT.

Long-term ads

ngojobs measure4

EUR 800,-

plus 20 % VAT.

Ideal for fundraising jobs and positions which are being recruited for throughout the year.

  • Duration of 365 days
  • 4 newsletter postings
  • Job refresh every 14 days

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Happy customers

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Always a very pleasant and friendly team. Even with changing contact persons, I only ever had very good experiences! That alone is worth 5 stars! Above all, the overview of the advertised jobs is very good and the jobs can be managed well. Excellent price-performance ratio.
- M. Klepatsch, Human Resources Department HORIZONT3000

Excellent platform for jobs with purpose. Great team and you get highly relevant applications. The price is more than fair.
- Davorin Barudzija, Recruiter at Teach for Austria

Excellent job portal in the NGO sector with very good structure and filtering. A pleasure for companies and applicants.
- Katharina Schmidt