Working for an NGO in Germany and Austria

NGO (=Non Governmental Organisation)

A NGO is a private and non-profit organisation, which is independent from the government and which is organised on a local, national or international basis to fight for the public good. In other words a group of people with common interests, values and visions comes together in order to address and combat various socio-political issues such as human rights violations or environmental pollution but also poverty, health and development.
Often the term NPO (=Non-Profit Organisation) is used to describe a non-governmental organisation. Since there is neither a universal official definition for the term “NGO” nor for the term “NPO” the classification and differentiation of those terms is not entirely clear.

About us

Our Website aims to provide information about different NGOs in Germany and Austria as well as international NGOs. NGOs perform a great variety of tasks. Hence, people with different professional skills and backgrounds are needed and an international team and language skills are often important and welcome. Since their resources are limited the work of volunteers is enormously precious for NGOs.

What we offer

Jobs and Internships for Internationals

We also offer a directory of NGOs in Germany and Austria which are operating in English and other languages. Here you can find several NGOs for English speakers or NGOs working in different languages as well as current vacancies:


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