International Security and Conflict Analysis Network (iSCAN)

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International Security and Conflict Analysis Network (iSCAN)

Althanstraße 8, 1090 Wien


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Registered under the Austrian law of associations and based in Vienna, Austria, the International Security and Conflict Analysis Network (iSCAN) was created as a response to the challenges of today’s global conflicts.

At the core of iSCAN’s vision is the SOLVE Initiative that aims to ensure that peace and security are maintained through active engagement of young people (SOLVERs) and concerned members of the international community (SOLVE Enablers) with a solution-oriented, localized, verifiable, and empowering approach.

Through SOLVE International Security Academy, iSCAN provides a platform for systemic analysis of international security through a human security lens and for the development of strategies for impactful interventions.

iSCAN’s international Security Dialogues (iSEDI) series provide a platform for dialogue on international security topics, engaging the public on issues important to them and the world.

Registration number: ZVR-Zahl 1977684952

Mitarbeiten bei International Security and Conflict Analysis Network (iSCAN)

We offer opportunities mainly around:

  • the implementation of the SOLVE Initiative,
  • developing and implementing iSCAN’s partnership,
  • developing and implementing iSCAN’s research components,
  • planning and implementation of iSCAN’s capacity building trainings,
  • organizing iSCAN’s International Security Dialogues,
  • organizing iSCAN’s SOLVE Conference,
  • fundraising,
  • social media and marketing,
  • website management,
  • graphic and visual design, and
  • helping to further develop iSCAN.


  • Veröffentlicht am 28.06.2021
    Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Veröffentlicht am 28.06.2021
    SOLVE Project Coordinator
  • Veröffentlicht am 30.04.2020
    Marketing and Communication Coordinator