Advisor for business development in climate protection project

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horizont3000 – Austrian Organization for Development Cooperation – Vacancy for a 2 year assignemeht in Masaka, Uganda.

Advisor for business development in climate protection project

Since 2018, horizont3000 has been a partner of the German ecumenical compensation fund Klima-Kollekte (, which invests compensation & climate finance payments from private individuals, organizations and communities specifically in poverty-reducing climate protection projects in countries of the global South. Together with our Ugandan partner Caritas MADDO, horizont3000 is carrying out projects (running for up to 5 more years) on climate protection and energy efficiency.

The aim of the project is to switch from traditional open fires to energy-efficient cooking stoves for interested families and institutions like schools, parishes and restaurants in the Masaka Diocese which covers nine districts of southern Uganda. The locally produced stoves significantly reduce the consumption of wood and the development of smoke and can thus make an important contribution to the conservation of forests and the health of women and children in particular. Consistent use of the stoves also reduces carbon dioxide emissions which is the main gas responsible for global warming.  Fuel switch from firewood to biogenic briquettes is planned, requiring the establishment of this new product on the local market. The specialist will support the Caritas MADDO team in Masaka City, particularly in promoting efficient sales & marketing, data collection and management as well as customer relations mechanisms.


The advisor supports the Caritas MADDO team in the areas:

  • Support all aspects of business operation of the project
  • Development and implementation of realistic business and financial plans
  • Further development, implementation and review of marketing and sales strategies
  • Capacity building in resource planning and budget controlling
  • Capacity building in digital data management; projects/offset schemes for Caritas MADDO
  • Establish plans and protocols to facilitate more stewardship and ownership of the business in local hands
  • Development and implementation of quality management and control systems
  • Support the team to connect to respective networks and stakeholders to promote the business and more cooperation structures
  • Establishing cooperation structures and communication processes between Caritas MADDO and horizont3000
  • Structuring, coordination and communication between Caritas MADDO and horizont3000
  • Supporting the two partners in reporting
  • Support capacities in M&E systems
  • Development and introduction of an efficient monitoring and evaluation system for the project
  • Support capacity strengthening in designing other and new climate protection projects at horizont3000.


  • Business economist, sales & marketing professional, organizational developer, project manager, quality management manager
  • Academic degree in economics or comparable disciplines
  • Professional experience in the private sector, preferably in the renewable energy sector (small and medium business, social business)
  • Experience in the development and implementation of marketing and sales strategies, customer relationship management
  • Experience in project management with M&E
  • Proficient experience in Microsoft Office applications and ability to support the partner in digitalization, data management, etc.
  • Very good  English
  • Experience in Gold standard requirements, Carbon finance of advantage
  • Experience in moderation and knowledge transfer; with applicable training methods for grassroot organizations
  • Flexibility and open-mindedness
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • High level of self-motivation and self-organization
  • Communication skills, with the understanding to priorities capacity building
  • Knowledge and experience in development work is an advantage.
  • EU citizenship or a valid work permit for Austria are required for this position.


Further information on the financial benefits can be found in the
The position will be filled as soon as possible.


Partner Organization

Caritas MADDO (Caritas Masaka Diocesan Development Organization, the development arm of the Diocese of Masaka) is the local development arm of the Diocese of Masaka. Caritas Maddo supports rural development in its numerous projects, focusing on production according to agroecological principles and the local marketing of agricultural products. Caritas MADDO shows a great deal of entrepreneurial spirit, works with a large network of self-organized local farmer groups and enjoys the trust of the local population.


The city of Masaka is located in southern Uganda near Lake Victoria and Lake Nabugabo and has a population of around 100,000. It is the capital of the Masaka district of the same name and is located south of the equator on the route from Kampala (approx. 140 km) to Mbarara and Rwanda. The nearest port on Lake Victoria is Bukakata to the east, around 40 km away. Masaka has a tropical climate. In winter, it is significantly drier in Masaka than in summer. The first dry season usually lasts from around the end of December to the end of February, the second dry season runs from June to the beginning of September. Conversely, March to the end of May and September to November are the rainy season due to heavy showers.

Masaka has numerous educational facilities and a very good infrastructure. The town has an adequate electricity and water supply, although this supply can sometimes be interrupted. Most houses have reserve water tanks, but this must be checked before signing a tenancy agreement. Noise pollution can occur in the city center (bars and churches), but most areas are quiet. There are almost no traffic jams and local transportation is easy to manage (Boda Boda and minibuses). There are plenty of shops, hospitals and pharmacies. There are some experts and numerous volunteers in the city. Most basic foodstuffs can be found in the stores at the market and on the shopping streets. The local market offers a good selection of fruit and vegetables as well as meat. There are a number of restaurants offering both traditional Ugandan and European cuisine. The expat community organizes events from time to time (game nights, open mic,), and there are also numerous events such as concerts, annual marathons, etc.
Masaka is a relatively safe city. In general, you can move around freely in most places in Masaka, even in the evening.


Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities are very important to horizont3000. We welcome applications regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability or sexual orientation via our job portal.

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