Research participant

Research participant

Research participant

The Social Mind and Body Laboratory at Central European University is looking for research participants. Our lab investigates the perceptual, cognitive, and motor processes that underlie social cognition and social interaction.


You can sign up if you

  • have normal or corrected to normal vision
  • have no prior history of neurological problems
  • speak English or German so that you can follow the instructions

What will I need to do in an experiment?

In our experiments, you will be asked to perform different tasks alone or together. Often, these tasks involve responding to visual stimuli presented on a computer screen. We also often use tasks involving music. These tasks range from listening to music, to tapping musical rhythms with a single finger, to playing music duets. In some experiments, we measure reaction times or arm movements, in others we measure brain activity through a safe and non-invasive method (electro-encephalography).

How can you sign up for participation?

Please check our homepage –, and sign up through our participant recruitment system (Sona). After you have been registered in our Sona system, you will receive invitation emails to our ongoing studies, and you can choose and decide which ones you would like to sign up for.

How will you be compensated for study participation?

We compensate our participants with 10-20 EUR/hour.



Central European University Social Mind Center

Quellenstrasse 51, 1100 Vienna, Austria

Contact person: Fanni Takátsy Email address:

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