EU GMO Campaigner

EU GMO Campaigner

EU GMO Campaigner

Save Our Seeds is looking for an EU GMO campaigner

Background: After years of standstill regarding the use and regulation of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in the European Union’s food and agricultural production and policy, the EU Commission has kicked off a suggestion to deregulate some newer forms of genetic engineering. This opens a new, EU wide debate about the use and regulation of GMOs. The discussion has been prepared by a well organised group of international companies, science organisations and PR firms. NGOs, which had been active in the GMO debate between 1990 and 2010, are re-organising as well. The social, political and scientific discourse has further developed over the past decade, resulting in a new framing and a new set of priorities (e.g. climate change, biodiversity, health / epidemiology) which will form the basis of the discussion.

SOS: Since 2002 ”Save Our Seeds” is an international Campaign of the Germany based Foundation on Future Farming (Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft) with a long tradition of anti-GMO campaigning and networking at EU level. Inter alia, SOS has organised nine European Conferences of GMO free Regions and a successful campaign for “zero tolerance” of GMOs in seed. It has founded a round table of NGOs on GMOs and publishes a critical information service in Germany. At present, it runs a campaign for a global moratorium on the release of Gene Drives into the environment.

The challenge: We are looking for a person who systematically contributes to rebuilding EU wide co-operation and campaigning against the deregulation of EU legislation on new genetic engineering techniques like CRISPR/Cas. His/Her main tasks would be

  • Active participation in existing NGO networks on the subject
  • Preparation of the next European GMO Free Regions Conference (2022)
  • EU wide collection and distribution of information and campaign materials on the issue
  • Lobby efforts at EU and national levels
  • offering support for campaigning and lobby efforts in EU capitals
  • Dialogue with scientific and business communities on the subject

The profile: We are looking for a European NGO networker with proven experience in intercultural collaboration and sufficiently solid knowledge of the GMO debate and EU legislative processes and discussions. Skills would include

  • Multilingual working experience (English is a must)
  • Experience with web-based-campaigning
  • Strong networking skills and international networking experience
  • Solid grasp of the scientific, food, farming and environmental issues
  • Independent, self-organising and committed working style
  • Willingness to travel frequently

The job: We offer an initial one-year contract starting November 21 at fair, not luxury conditions with a firm prospect of a permanent position. You don’t need to be based in Berlin but are welcome to use and/or regularly visit our office there. A small GMO campaign team will integrate you and a large community of collaborating campaigners in other organisations is looking forward to working with you.

Applications before October 25th: Please send your application with CV and credentials to
Benny Haerlin,

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