ℹ️ Free basic ads for disaster relief after earthquake in Morocco

On Friday evening, Morocco was hit by a severe earthquake. This disaster has deeply affected us at NGOjobs. We would like to do what we can to support all non-profit organizations and social enterprises that are involved in helping those affected or in reconstruction. With the voucher code "earthquake-relief-morocco" you can book up to two free "Basic" job advertisements. The promotion is valid until further notice.


  • This new position was created as a result of the earthquake in Morocco and was not previously included in the personnel planning.
  • The position must have a clear connection to the earthquake in Morocco and this must be clearly stated in the job advertisement.
  • The activities must be directly related to the earthquake in Morocco, e.g. helping those affected or organizing aid or reconstruction work. Ongoing office work, which would have been required anyway, is not sufficient.

Important note

Please understand that we will make a subjective decision on a case-by-case basis as to whether the criteria are met and we may reject your request. Please do not try to "negotiate" with us, otherwise we will not be able to provide sufficient resources for this free service. Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to those affected by this disaster.