About us

Back in 2011, we launched the platform NGOjobs.eu, where everything revolves around the topic of "working in the non-profit sector". Our goal? To make people aware of how exciting the non-profit sector is as an employment market and to show them the variety of meaningful employment opportunities available.

We were the first job platform dedicated to the field of "jobs with social impact" or "meaningful work" in the DACH region and have been dedicated to this for over 10 years. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

What does NGOjobs.eu offer?

Our mission

On the one hand

Due to financial constraints, jobs in the non-profit sector are often advertised informally, such as through personal contacts or e-mail distribution lists. Smaller organisations cannot afford to advertise their jobs in the major job exchanges and newspapers. Consequently, job advertisements are always circulated among the same group of people and it is more difficult for NPOs to find good staff than it is for other sectors.

On the other hand

An increasing number of people are longing for a meaningful position where they have the feeling that they are contributing something to society rather than just to "the company".

That is why NGOjobs' mission is to be an online platform for the NPO community. NPOs can advertise their vacancies and create an employer profile at industry-specific competitive prices. Those looking for work will find a variety of salaried jobs, internships and volunteer positions in areas such as environmental protection, human rights or work with refugees.

Our partners

Our story

2011 - The idea

Ferdinand Lischka is studying law in Vienna and is looking for an internship in the field of human rights. Searching online proves to be tedious. With no personal contacts, it seems difficult to find anything suitable. The idea for an online platform for the NPO sector, similar to the American model idealist.org, is born. Ferdinand secures the domain ngojobs.at, but first concentrates on completing his studies.

2011 - Research & Development

Ferdinand tells his flatmate Sarah Pallauf about his idea and she loves it. Together, they researche over 500 non-profit organizations and compiled information on salaried jobs, internships and volunteer work.
The website was programmed by his former colleague Armin Petre, with whom Ferdinand worked at the Respekt.net association. The logo and corporate design were created by artist Darius Edlinger. A big thank you to both of them!

11/11/2011 - We are live!

On 11.11.2011the big day has come, www.ngojobs.at goes online.

Here is a screenshot of the very first version of the website.

2012 - Cooperation with derStandard.at/Karriere

This was the start of a very productive and friendly collaboration with the common goal of attracting more people to a "career" in the NPO sector and finding as many jobs as possible. The collaboration has lasted to this day and we are grateful to have had such a powerful partner right from the start.

2012 - Successful crowdfunding

At a time when crowdfunding was still in its infancy, we financed our first campaign with over EUR 6,000. Thanks go to the donation platform Respekt.net, which has since collected several million euros in donations for socially valuable projects.

2015 - 1st relaunch

Over the years, the platform has grown slowly but steadily. Both annual turnover and traffic increased continually. Our team consists of 3 - 4 dedicated individuals at any one time. The website goes online with a completely new design and is responsivex for the first time. Once again, we have financial support through a mini crowd-funding campaign via Respekt.net.

2018 - Domain change + 2nd relaunch

We are moving to the domain www.ngojobs.eu because we have an increasing number of customers and users from Germany and other European countries. Once again, the website is given a makeover, this time by the eco-social creative agency Das Gute ruft whom we would highly recommend.

2020 - Our EU project NGOjobs for Europe

We receive EU funding from the European Solidarity Corps for our mobility project NGOjobs for Europe. This programme provides young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who embark on a job or internship with Social Impact within the EU with a scholarship. We act as an intermediary organisation and scholarship office.

November 2020 - 3rd relaunch

Another relaunch? Yes, unfortunately. We admit that the previous one wasn't that great from a technical point of view and produced a few bugs. This time we're taking a more structured approach and designing the platform so that it can be internationalized. But without making any major changes to the design. A big thank you goes to our programmer Philipp Röggla, who supported us for two years with a lot of patience and dedication.

2022 - English version

In 2022, we launched our English website to offer global users the same quality that characterises our German site. We are excited about the new opportunities! Full of enthusiasm for global opportunities!

Furthermore, we have grown... Since 2022 we have two new team members. Tim works for NGOjobs from Germany and is in charge of developing products and the website. Sarah joined us in autumn. She is our office manager and keeps an eye on everything. She also takes care of accounting, HR and our social media channels.

2023 - Team expansion and 4th relaunch planned

Two more valuable additions have joined our team this year. Marion started as a Web Design Assistant in the summer, and Philipp joined us as a Digital Customer Support Agent in September. We are delighted with these additions to our team and their growth.

We have big plans for winter 2023! You can look forward to seeing the relaunch of our website. We have been working hard to improve our platform and are excited to share the new features and improvements with you. The relaunch marks an exciting step in our development to offer you even better services and opportunities.

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