Our selection process

Who is really allowed to use NGOjobs to publish job adverts and look for candidates?

NGOjobs has been created to specialise in the non-profit sector and targets employers who are not working primarily for profit. So, if you work for an organisation or company that this applies to, you've come to the right place. Please feel free to contact us (support@ngojobs.eu) if you are not sure whether your organisation is a good fit for NGOjobs.

We aim to make our criteria as transparent as possible and have therefore defined both positive and negative criteria. As a result, this selection process ensures that everyone can understand exactly which employers can publish their job advertisements on NGOjobs. Of course, if you are already one of our customers, you meet these criteria.

Positive criteria

NGOjobs users are on the lookout for jobs that allow them to actively contribute to solving social problems and challenges. To ensure that the jobs on NGOjobs.eu match this requirement, we apply positive criteria. We base these criteria on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed by the United Nations in 2015. Employers who would like to use NGOjobs for their search for candidates should therefore be engaged in activities that contribute to the realisation of at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Negative criteria

Not every organisation or company that is not primarily profit-oriented also represents the values of NGOjobs and our users. That's why we have developed a set of negative criteria to make it as transparent as possible which employers we will reject. Organisations or companies that are active in these industries or whose daily work involves activities of this kind will not be able to use NGOjobs to search for candidates:

  • Fossil industry
  • Defense Industry
  • Tobacco and alcohol industry
  • Gambling
  • Human Rights Violation
  • Factory farming
  • Destruction of the environment
  • Fake News / Disinformation
  • Corruption / tax evation

If you have any further questions, please send us an e-mail(support@ngojobs.eu).