Denyse from Malta, 6 month internship with the UNCAC Coalition

First entry December 2020

My first month at the UNCAC Coalition has been a whirlwhind.

Moving to Vienna, joining a new team and starting an exciting job have made for a very eventful November. My first impressions of the city have been limited by the Austrian lockdown, but I’ll remember my first few weeks here as a unique settling-in experience: having seen sun, snow, the last of autumn and winter approaching.

As soon as I joined the team, we embarked on the challenging process of updating the Coalition’s strategy, vision and mission for the next few years. I didn’t expect to be involved in this project as a newcomer, but I learned so much over a few intense days of teamwork. Our work is varied, and so far I’ve learned about running a website, developing new skills with digital tools such as WordPress, Mailchimp and building social media strategies.

One highlight was virtually ‘attending’ the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in South Korea, which brings together speakers from all over the world and highlights important topics in the field of combating corruption.

More recently, the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) has given me the opportunity to start a German language course online, which I’m very enthusiastic about to help me get through the supermarket aisles and daily life! I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold. Despite these times being unprecedented, the benefits of participating in such a program still definitely outweigh the uncertainty of ever-changing circumstances.

Don’t hesitate, just sign up and see where the adventure takes you!

Denyse, traineeship UNCAC Coalition

Halftime report

Five months into my internship at the UNCAC Coalition, I could not be happier about my progress. I’ve been involved in a handful of projects, from communicating with our member organizations from all over the world, to collaborating with our regional coordinators to organize exciting anti-corruption seminars bringing together civil society organizations and NGOs from Africa, Asia and Latin America to talk about specific challenges in their parts of the world during pandemic times.

I’m helping with establishing our social media presence, regularly publishing newsletters and blog posts, as well as reviewing reports about the implementation of anti-corruption measures in different countries. The UNCAC Coalition is also planning to launch an exciting campaign on Access to Information, which I will assist in. 

In the meantime, my experience in Austria’s capital has been delightful. As we head into spring, I have explored more city walks (stadtwanderwege), public parks and gardens, and even ice skated to the tune of the Viennese waltz! I hope to have the chance to learn more about the city in my free time over the coming weeks.

I’m grateful to be working with a motivated team on important and impactful issues on a daily basis, and the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is a unique opportunity for anyone looking to experience something out of their immediate comfort zone!