Founding the youth organization „Veranda Luna“ in Kaunas, Lithuania

„Showing a sustainable life style“

Simona Laukaityte is the founder of the initiative Veranda Luna, an organization which aims are the reduction of consumption, improving the social skills of young people and showing a sustainable life style. In her text she shares her dream and how it became true …

It is an organization of friends who were dreaming to gather young people and do something interesting and meaningful together. It was a dream while sitting in the veranda of a summer house and looking to the moon and stars. Having lots of experience in various local and international youth projects and social initiatives, the decision was made – the dream has to become true!

The idea of Veranda Luna organization was clear: communicating through activities, events and workshops the message for the people that living intensive consumer’s life won’t make anybody happier nor richer. Enjoying the active time together with friends and doing simple things like having a picnic, or a small hike, this is the missing detail learning social behavior.

So we started with the presentation of cultural evenings, the first one was a „Sardo Night“. Gathering together with friends and friends of friends, we presented our own movie about Sardinia, also cooked some “stereotypical” food and told our guests about the social structure of the island, about our impressions and differences. Everybody was interested and happy to spend the evening in a different way.

When the air temperature outside started to rise up we got a feeling to enjoy the spring, so we decided to start gathering rather outside for having small picnics. Everybody’s input like bringing snacks and friends was always appreciated! Once, even some tourist sitting nearby got interested and joined us to discuss about some topics. Great success in an unexpected international dimension! 🙂

When the summer season started with music festivals in the nature, we got the idea that doing workshops about sustainability and the possible reduction of consumption would be extremely important in such a huge gatherings of people! In the festivals we were inviting people to get to know up-cycling ideas: from a simple can the participant could make a brilliant candle box, or a pack of juice/milk could be transfered in an authentic wallet! So no need to buy new goods if you can use the material what is just about to be thrown to the trash bin. Moreover, making it yourself improves a person’s creativity skills. Through such workshops in the festivals there were more people who got interested in our ideas and joined Veranda Luna organization.

Apart of that, Veranda Luna organizes small excursion or day trips and also supports the initiatives of other youth organizations.

So the start has been made.

Now we are thinking about small steps towards the development of further ideas, like inclusion of subcultures, exchange of cultural habits between Lithuanians and minorities living nearby, or even making an international youth exchange! Everything will come with time and demand from the people!

Just to underline – Veranda Luna is not an organization discussing social problems! It’s an organization which wants to show the interesting and fun part of being social, that through own practical experience in workshops people would start thinking more about their environment and sustainable life style and live happily in a simple way.

We are not talking theoretically or trying to persuade anyone – we share the moment!

We know – the organization is crazy but we are doing everything from the heart! 🙂


Further information / contact details:

If anybody would like to join and follow our ideas, or contribute with own idea/share opinion, please do it!